The Bow-Tied Photographer | Look Your Best

Ten Tips To Look Your Best

The most important accessory you can bring to your senior portrait session is confidence. Bring clothes and other things that make you feel good. Wear what you like to wear and be yourself. This is about you and the image you want to portray. However, there are ten tips here that will make your portraits look better:


1) Solid colors work better than busy patterns. Super extreme bright colors also overwhelm a portrait. Deep colors such

as browns, rust, reds (not overwhelming reds), greens, blues work best. You want the emphasis of your senior portrait on

YOU, not your clothing. Also, darker colors have a slimming effect so if you are concerned about your size, use darker colors. 


2) Choose shirts and tops that have a sleeve. Sleeveless shirts are only good if you are emphasizing your arms or muscles. Long sleeves are best, but elbow length are fine and short sleeves can work.  


3) Include jackets, sweaters, hats, sunglasses, jewelry, scarves, etc. that you can use to make each image look different. Letter jackets, class rings, or anything else that shows your awards, interests or accomplishments is welcomed.


4) Guys - get your hair cut about a week before your portrait session. That will help your hair look more natural and not like you just came from the barbershop.

Ladies - don't drastically alter your hairstyle. Use a style you know you like. Be prepared to do something different if you would like with different props so bring hair modifiers if you want to put up your hair for a different look.

5) Ladies - Don't overdo your makeup. Look natural. Guys- if you have facial hair make sure it is trimmed how you like. Pay attention to your look.


6) If you wear glasses consider getting a pair of frames like you normally wear, but have no lenses. It never fails that your favorite image has a glare, so if possible bring some empty frames.  If not we will work with you, but you should still include your glasses if you wear them on a regular basis.


7) Your hands will show in some poses. Guys - make sure your nails are clean and clipped closely. Ladies make sure your nails are presentable so you are not worried about your hands.

8) A trip to the tanning bed is not a good idea the day before senior portraits. There is too much risk for sunburn and being red and swollen.

9) Don't forget the shoes. Sometimes the shoes make a huge difference, even for guys. Make sure your shoes are clean and presentable.

10) Think CREATIVE! Come up with something you think is fun or different. Make YOUR statement. You are the leader of the school now, stand out for once - at least in one of your poses!